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Read feedback from Gidget’s clients to learn what they have to say about her health and wellness coaching services. For further inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact Christian Health and Wellness Coach in Glasgow, Kentucky.

Gidget has been my natural health specialist for 2 years. She has given me so much great advice with setting my low carb diet plan up with recipes. She set me up an exercise plan for my condition. Her detoxification plans have done wonders and are still doing wonders for my blood condition. She has educated me on how important water is for my health and wellness. Gidget has given me spiritual advice straight from the Bible. I have appreciated her many prayers. I really feel loved by her. I honestly can say she saved my life.

- Dale Daugherty

I came to Gidget Goad's Center 5 years ago after many radiation and chemo treatments where I was given 5% chance to live. Needless to say, I was barely alive but thank God, I was alive. The benefits of Gidget's health and nutritional advice have been beyond amazing and have resulted in miraculous God given transformation of everything in my life from physical, emotional, and spiritual.

- William Mains

If we are to present our bodies as living sacrifices holy and pleasing to God what better way than returning to natural health products. That is truly what I did last year when I was searching for a product to clear up a rash on my face. I had made 2 trips to the dermatologist without much success, that is when I went to Be Well Center for Natural Health. Meeting with Gidget Goad has totally changed my life not only physically but spiritually. Gidget views all aspects of health as what is pleasing to God. Gidget shares her passion about natural health and helping people in all walks of life. Our success is unmatched and it is an exciting time for those looking to take control of our health.

- Ruth Bradley

I am blessed because of Gidget’s knowledge in the natural field. When symptoms attack my body, I am impressed with her recommendations and have found them to work for me. Gidget is not only concerned about people’s physical health, she desire people to also be health and whole spiritually and emotionally because she knows that is God’s desire for His creation

- Nancy Lyons

I love Gidget Goad for the fact of the knowledge she has on natural health. She has a desire to see others walk in divine health and I love how she combines natural health and the Word of God. God wants us well and by being well, we need to take care of our bodies.

- Elizabeth Yoder

Gidget Goad has been my natural health care provider for many years. She has helped me in so many ways. The scans, heat wraps and detoxes have kept me well along with her expert advice! I love to watch her work with others…I love to just be in hearing range where I can catch tidbits of what she is saying! She is my personal health encyclopedia!

The thing I love most about Gidget though is that she deeply loves God. She prays for me…she prays for all of her clients. It is deepest her desire for her clients to be well and I covet her prayers, we all do. I’ve never known anyone in my whole life that genuinely cared for her clients the way that she does. I consider myself blessed beyond words that God brought her into my life. I will always consider her one of my greatest blessings.

Gidget is my bible study teacher…that is the most wonderful thing…for years I wanted to study the Bible with others. I just about gave up when one day we discovered we both wanted to be in a bible study! I asked her to lead me and I would be there to learn. Others have come along beside us. I have grown so much in the Word and I am so thankful for her gentle nudging to read and study along. We have studies the power of Gods Word. We have been on a “Soul Fast.” We have studies the “Believers Authority” and so many other subjects! I finally understand the power of the Holy Spirit in me, and I’m so thankful to be growing and learning. We all need someone to mentor us. Thank you Gidget for being my health coach, my friend, my prayer partner and my teacher! You are dearly loved and appreciated!

- Mary Ann Alexander

I met Gidget and started going to Be Well Center in July 2015, and it has totally changed my life for the better. Gidget is passionate about her work and has dedicated her life and business to help people. Gidget is always researching things to help people and their health issues. A place and a person to help you change-physically-mentally-spiritually (WOW) During this time, I have joined the Empowering Ladies by Faith Bible Study that Gidget leads. It had taught me priorities, diligence, and focus. What a blessing.

- Connie Lawson